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Avukat ve Müvekkil


Nergiz Law Firm was founded in Istanbul in 2021 by Attorney Seren Nergiz, a registered member of the Istanbul Bar Association. Since its inception, our boutique law firm has been providing dynamic, reliable, and solution-oriented legal services to our clients in both advisory and litigation matters. Our core principles are result-oriented approach, accountability, and objectivity. With this mission, we strive to provide our clients with the special attention they deserve, carefully and comprehensively approaching each new case with a broad perspective.

In order to offer our clients the most up-to-date solutions tailored to their needs in every branch of global and domestic law, we closely monitor legal developments and changing regulations within the evolving and growing scope of legal requirements. Thus, our aim is to generate the most current and beneficial legal recommendations for our clients, adding value to their individual and corporate lives.

Our office places the personal and commercial interests of our clients at the forefront. By providing feasible and practical solutions, we present our clients with the most suitable alternatives based on their profile. Therefore, in cases where no dispute has yet arisen, our preventive legal approach aims to inform our clients about potential issues they may encounter in their current or future commercial or personal activities, with the goal of minimizing potential risks.

Trust, quality service, and client satisfaction are the most important factors for us. To establish lasting and reliable relationships, we adhere diligently to the foundations of our values, ensuring compliance with the Attorneyship Law and the Professional Rules of Conduct set forth by the Union of Turkish Bar Associations, while respecting all rights and obligations. In order to protect the best interests of our clients to the highest degree, we work professionally and ethically, always maintaining confidentiality.

In today's competitive and challenging market, meeting tight deadlines and providing timely solutions is essential not only for our clients but also for our law firm. Therefore, in the legal processes that may sometimes be slow-moving, we aim to provide our clients with the fastest, most effective, and rational solutions, always being accessible and responsive.

At Nergiz Law Firm, we take great satisfaction in providing our clients with the services they may need.

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