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Mahkeme Sandalyeleri


Advocacy is not only based on establishing a proxy relationship in lawsuits or enforcement proceedings. As a matter of fact, Article 1 of the Attorney Law No. 1136 states that " Attorneyship is a public service and a liberal profession. ", while in the continuation of the 2001 amendment , there is a provision provides that "The attorney freely represents the independent defense which is one of the constituents of the judiciary."

It is of great importance to be represented by attorneys in relations that will start or continue with individuals or institutionalised companies in order not to face forfeiture.

As Nergiz Law F,irm, we represent our clients in order to achieve the most positive results on behalf of them. At this point, we act in order to protect our clients and prevent loss of rights, which is our main goal, without paying attention to the material quantity of the relationship for which representation is requested.

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