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With the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 ( KVKK) coming into force in 2016; this issue was put on the agenda of all companies operating in Turkey. Especially, due to the expiration of the period for the completion of the law compliance studies as of April 2018 and the decisions published by the Personal Data Protection Authority and the increase in the criminal sanctions in the decision content recently, studies for the compliance of the Personal Data Protection Law have become obligatory. has come. The obligations brought by the KVKK concern many companies, including the IT and human resources units, and acting in compliance with the KVKK has become a part of the corporate identity of the companies.


As Nergiz Law Firm, we support the companies in the process of completing the compliance studies regarding the Protection of Personal Data and act with a preventive law understanding in order to prevent possible sanctions and ensure that our clients take all kinds of precautions. In addition to the KVKK, we also provide studies within the scope of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and provide legal consultancy services to our clients in terms of compliance with the legislation and preparation of documents in accordance with KVKK or GDPR. Since it is a new area, we closely follow the developments that are constantly updated, detail our knowledge and experience in the field in line with the needs of our clients and always inform our clients in the most up-to-date way.


The services we provide in the field of personal data protection as Nergiz Law Firm:


  • Determination and analysis of the obligations that clients are subject to by determining the current situation within the scope of KVKK,

  • Data retention, preservation and destruction policies, explicit consent texts, specific preparation of undertakings according to our clients,

  • Revising existing contracts with third party circles such as customers, employees, business partners or suppliers to ensure compliance with the law,

  • Providing necessary cooperation with relevant departments such as IT or HR in the process of establishing data recording systems that must be used to fulfill personal data protection obligations and providing legal support in the process of harmonizing existing data recording systems with KVKK,

  • In order to ensure that the company practices regarding the protection of personal data are established as a corporate culture, training the relevant personnel and managers of the company, preparing the necessary directives, policies and notifications, and ensuring the registration of data controllers with the obligation to register with VERBIS (Data Controllers Registry Information System).

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