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Maritime trade is a phenomenon with economic, technical and legal elements, and maritime trade law is a branch of maritime law that regulates commercial relations on the sea. As Nergiz Law Firm,


  • Preparation of Charterparty (bare boat c / p; time c / p; Voyage c / p) texts and identification and resolution of disputes arising from the interpretation of these texts,

  • Lay time / demurrage review and disputes,

  • Providing legal consultancy in cargo damage detection and compensation cases,

  • We provide services to our clients regarding maritime law and maritime law cases, maritime insurance and liability claims in the field of international trade or coastal trade and other transportation issues, and we provide legal solutions in this field, especially in legal transactions related to Ship Purchase and Sale. In addition, we aim to minimize possible risks by planning the risk management while providing consultancy based on the situations that may arise during relations related to maritime trade.


Since maritime law is a global area of ​​law that requires a lot of attention to detail, and at the same time requires a close follow-up of the international agenda, as Nergiz Law Firm, we provide solutions to your problems with a meticulous and global perspective.

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