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Bir İmza


As Nergiz Law Firm, we represent our clients in international sales, agency, distributorship, leasing, licensing, know-how, supply contracts, business partnership organizations and other commercial agreements in the field of international contracts and commercial agreements, and we offer our clients consultancy services in these areas. Our Law Firm has the capacity to provide services for all kinds of contracts that require international commercial law knowledge and experience. In this way, we provide support to clients in all legal matters up to the stage of signing between the parties by arranging the contracts in the most appropriate way in favor of the client and aiming to minimize potential risks in carrying out the contract processes that companies dealing with international trade will need in this context. In addition, we act with a preventive law approach in terms of disputes arising from breach of contract provisions, penal clause provisions, procedural termination of the contract and violation of the termination procedure.


As Nergiz Law Firm, we prepare all kinds of contracts required to run a business effectively without being limited to these and provide legal services related to all stages of the process.

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