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As Nergiz Law Firm, our primary principle is to provide consultancy to our clients on matters that need to be considered in order to avoid litigation, especially in contracts and legal proceedings, within the scope of preventive law before disputes occur. For this purpose, we determine the legal risks of our clients and provide information and risk analysis on legal risk prevention plans. However, when a dispute arises, we first recommend the method of reconciliation to our clients. In this case, in order to ensure client satisfaction, we are aware of the fact that each concrete event differs according to its own characteristics, and we determine the legal ways and procedures specific to the event together by informing you. We act in order to resolve the dispute as soon as possible in order to prevent material and moral damages that may be caused by a late solution. In this context, we provide litigation services by producing solutions to all kinds of developments in a very short time as a very strict follower of the case on;

  • Compiling all information and documents related to the case, attending court,

  • Investigation of counterparty claims,

  • Investigating similar Supreme Court decisions appropriate to the case and presenting the most appropriate alternative solution proposals,

  • Preparation of all necessary petitions at every stage,

  • Evaluating the situation and proposing a realistic possible outcome evaluation to the client.


Apart from this, depending on the sectors in which the client companies operate, we provide legal support to the clients by staying in contact with the client 24/7 at every stage in the investigation and prosecution stages, in the fields of activity of the client companies, in all areas within the framework of the criminal legislation, in the police, prosecution and court processes etc.


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