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Konteynerlerin Havadan Görünümü


Due to Turkey's strategic location, Transport and logistics sector is one of the most dynamic and changing industry in our country. The challenges in the transport and logistics industry are increasing in parallel with this rapidly changing market conditions. As a result of these difficulties, a wide variety of legal disputes have arisen in the sector, including carrier companies, shipping-producing companies, buyer companies, brokers, brokers, insurers, warehouse companies and even customs companies. As Nergiz Law Firm,


  • Preparation of transportation contracts,

  • Limit of the liability of the carrier in compensation cases,

  • Preparation of Logistics, Storage and Storage contracts,

  • Determination of cargo damage,

  • CMR disputes,,

  • Preparation of sub-transport contracts

  • Apart from land transport and CMR Convention, we provide legal services to the transportation and logistics sector with a global perspective, including combined transport, sea, air and rail transport, and provide support to our clients in all kinds of legal disputes.

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