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As Nergiz Law Firm, we provide legal consultancy services based on the current legislation and ensuring that the entire procedure is carried out in accordance with the legal regulations from the beginning of the employment process until the end of the employment process by embracing the preventive law understanding. In this context,


  • Preparation of reemployment cases and follow-up of the litigation process,

  • Preparation of lawsuits to be filed regarding severance pay, notice pay, overtime and other rights, follow-up of the litigation process and risk analysis,

  • Preparation of service determination cases and follow-up of the litigation process,

  • Participating in mediation negotiations in disputes arising from the service relationship between the employee and the employer and following the litigation processes,

  • Revision of employment contracts within the scope of the changes made in the relevant legislation,

  • Preparation of confidentiality and non-competition agreements and conditions in the context of employee-employer relationship,

  • Preparation of warnings and notice of termination for fulfillment of contractual and legal obligations of the parties within the scope of the employee-employer relationship and following the relevant processes

  • Preparation of minutes, defense request letters, warning and termination notifications specific to each concrete situation

  • Continuous information on legal legislation and administrative practices

  • Organizing training and seminars for clients on labor law issues are among the services are provided by our office within the scope of labor law.

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