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Although businesses and companies are legally established and operate, they face new legal issues almost every day due to digital and technological developments and globalisation. In this case, it is very important to take preventive measures in order to foresee possible problems that may arise in the future. Because there is always a risk of loss of rights due to the lack of timely measures.

With our clients who give importance to the continuity of the commercial relationship rather than focusing on disputes, we provide services by providing continuous legal support in the form of a project and the management of the legal process within the scope of legal consultancy. In this way, we are working to ensure that legal regulations do not appear as an obstacle in commercial life by providing predictive warnings and applicable legal advice within the scope of legislative changes so that our clients can progress smoothly in their profession.

In this context, taking into account the evolving needs of our clients and the changing legal regulations, we provide services according to the demands of the sector and the nature of the legal situation in terms of;

  • Supporting the establishment of the contract system that aims to increase the performance of the enterprise and reduce the risks,

  • Preparing contracts that work well and in accordance with the law by evaluating possible risks,

  • Providing oral and written consultancy on legal issues,

  • Reviewing existing contracts and business relationships,

  • Informing about newly enacted laws and related regulations and obligations,

  • Organizing employee-employer relations,

  • Holding due diligence meetings at regular intervals and observation reports,

  • Compliance with regulations on e-commerce and protection of personal data and management of corporate governance processes.



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